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2011-03-06 08:40

All in one navication tree for textpattern. Windows like tree, which shows all sections and categories in very easily navicatable format. Can also show links, downloads and images in same tree if wanted!


  • Current version 0.5.4
  • Totally compatible with textpattern 4.0.1... 4.0.7.
  • Not need other plugins.
  • Unlimited category depth (categry can be as tree with parent and heirs).
  • Configurations by using attributes in new tag <txp:fox_tree attribute="value" />.
  • Possiblity to customize all icons (script doesn't check icons size, 16x16).
  • Supports story status (Draft, Hidden, Pending, Live, Sticky).
  • Supports user privileges in textpattern (Publisher, Managing editor, Copy Editor, Staff writer, Freelancer, Designer, None). That mean that user who has privileges enough can see all statued stories (Draft, Hidden and Pending). This feature needs one hack into /textpattern/include/txp_auth.php -file.

Configuration attributess and their defaults

icons="icons" ("folder name")
Folder name for tree icons (in textpattern/plugin/fox_tree -folder).
parts="s" (s/i/l/f)
Include Stories, Images, Links or/and Files into tree.
allsections="0" (0/1)
Display all sections (including empties) yes/no.
wide="0" (0/1)
Wide tree format with "description" data yes/no.
folderlinks="1" (0/1)
Folder can be URL - yes/no.
useSelection="1" (0/1)
Nodes can be highlited - yes/no.
useCookies="1" (0/1)
Uses cookies to remember it's state - yes/no.
useLines="1" (0/1)
Tree is drawn with lines - yes/no.
useIcons="1" (0/1)
Tree is drawn with icons - yes/no.
useStatusText="0" (0/1)
Statusbar customization - yes/no.
closeSameLevel="1" (0/1)
Only one node within a parent can be expanded at the same time - yes/no.
closeopen="1" (0/1)
'OPEN/CLOSE' all nodes option - yes/no.
displayItems=1" (0/1)
Display also items in folders - yes/no.
Not used at a moment.

Hacks into txp_auth.php

This hack is only needed if it is wanted to use as called "privileged story browsing" feature! That means that user who has privileges enough can see also statued stories (Draft, Hidden and Pending). User privileges in textpattern are (Publisher, Managing editor, Copy Editor, Staff writer, Freelancer, Designer, None). There are very nice feature in textpattern categories, which are not used or which are not know so well! All category items can have children (or heirs) as many as needed. Using that feature we can make real tree structure. Same feature is functional in all kind of categories, Story, Image, Link and Files (Downloads).
  • category a
    • category e
    • category f
      • category i
      • category j
  • category b
    • category g
      • category k
      • category l
    • category h
  • category c
  • category d
If you find this useful, please remember 15$ is great support for developer! Based on javascript by Geir Landrö (evdwal@xs4all.nl)
dTree 2.05 www.destroydrop.com/javascripts/tree/